Real Talk in the Middle of the Night

Well.  What a week THIS has been.

This time LAST week I was flat on my back, Steak Fat in my throat waiting for the GI team from the Hospital to give me back use of my digestive system.

I haven’t been off work and at home this long since I was batshit crazy right before I moved back to Pittsburgh.

After a week of Hard Core Blogging (27 posts in one week?), I got numbers I have NEVER had before (and Ive been doing this a minute now) and more importantly, I am enjoying it.

But its wearing me down.

Mrs. Ink says Im cracked out on Politics and the Campaign.  Considering how I had been spending my time, you would think she would be grateful I am no longer channeling my inner cad, but I reckon there  is no pleasing some folk.

Tomorrow brings me back to somewhat of a regular schedule.  I doubt I will get 20 some odd posts off next week.   But I will get 7 off.  I owe Y’all at least that.

For those of y’all who have found me this week.  I welcome you to my little world.  If you got questions, I got answers.

It’s back to the grind tomorrow.



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