Seventh Day of Black History Month: Burn Hollywood Burn

If I have learned NOTHING else in the past 6 1/2 years of Blogging/Writing, it is this: Expertise ain’t what it used to be.

Or maybe it was never all that much in the first place and I am the one with the late pass.

Whatever the case, I stumbled upon the 25 most important movies on Race by way of Time Magazine.

Sounded like a challenge. As an intermittent Movie snob/buff/afficianado, I was curious how this would play out. Of course they decided to rank them chronologically rather than by sheer importance. I didn’t question who the author was until AFTER I saw the whole list. I will encourage you to reserve judgement until AFTER YOU see the whole list.

25. Body and Soul

24. Hallelujah

23. Judge Priest

22. Imitation of Life (1934)

21. God’s Stepchildren

20. The Duke is Tops

19. Gone with the Wind

18. The Blood Of Jesus

17. The Jackie Robinson Story

16. Native Son (1951)

15. Carmen Jones

14. The Defiant Ones

13. In the Heat of the Night

12. Sweet Sweetback’s Baad Aasssss Song

11. Lady Sings the Blues

10. Cooley High

9. Killer of Sheep

8. Richard Pryor Live in Concert

7. A. Soldier’s Story

6. Do the Right Thing

5. Boyz N the Hood

4. Eve’s Bayou

3. Bamboozled

2. Madea’s Family Reunion

1. I am Legend

The article/list is here:

About the Author:

Richard Corliss – Master’s in Film Studies from Columbia, Time Magazine Movie Critic since 1980, self-proclaimed liberal despite working for National Review in the 70s.

Now, good readers…tell ya what IMA do.  I’ve been nice enough to add all these goodies to my Netflix.  You can be mah friend if you click here.

When I am about to get one, I will announce that it is on the way so IF you feel so inclined to watch along, you can join me.

I’ll post the review and cultural commentary comparing what Mr. Corliss said with what I say on here along with on Netflix. (VIVA CUT AND PASTE!!!)

I will say this though.

While I don’t question Mr. Corliss’ knowledge on music, I DO question what he knows about Black People, cause THIS list, without Hollywood Shuffle, Drop Squad, Shaft, and Claudine- at LEAST….is mad light in the ass.

PS, I am  reaching out to anyone else who wants to get in on this,  hit me on the inkognegro07izzatgeemaildotkizzom  or in the comments and maybe we can get a little back and forth about this, or suggestions of other movies that may have been left out.

Shout out finally to all the other 32 Day folk

Christina Springer




Mr. Shadow



  1. tws392000

    Some I have already seen, most I have not. And the inclusion of Gone With The Wind puts this list out of bounds.

    Of course, I guess I should be thankful that Birth Of A Nation was not included…

  2. brran1

    How does I Am Legend make it as the Number 1 movie about race? Last time I checked. The role that Will Smith played in the movie was racially ambiguous in my opinion. I may be wrong but wasn’t the movie about a virus that killed off the majority of people? Now that I think about it, this entire list seems as if in the movies either black people are views as criminals or in overly dramatic families with problems. smh

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