Bryant Purvis, Lemme Holla @ you for a min.

In what will probably become a semi-regular feature around here, you can now sit by and listen to your boy dispense unsolicited advice to Black Folk who find themselves in the media spotlight.

From The Shreveport Times

A member of the Jena Six was charged Wednesday with one count of assault causing bodily injury for fighting with a fellow student at his high school in Texas, his mother said.

Bryant R. Purvis, 19, who now lives in the Dallas area, was being held in the Carrollton, Texas, jail without bail pending a bond hearing Thursday morning, a jail official said. The charge is a Class A misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of a $4,000 fine and a year in jail.

Tina Jones, Purvis’ mother, said her son got into an altercation with another student at Hebron High School early Wednesday after being told the student had vandalized his car the night before.

“I wish he could just get in a place where he could walk away from the situation,” Jones said of her son. “I understand he gets frustrated. But he needed to walk away from this situation, being that he’s already in a situation. It’s very frustrating and upsetting to have to go through so much.”

Jones said what happened really wasn’t a fight. Purvis went up to the other student, “grabbed him by the collar and pushed his head on the table, talking to him,” she said.

“Bryant was very upset because he had a (basketball) game Tuesday night and, when (he went out to his car after) the game, someone made both tires on the passenger side flat,” Jones said.

“And (Wednesday) morning, someone told him who done it. That’s the reason the altercation happened. And a few days before that happened, he was driving my brother’s truck and someone stole the tires and busted the windows out of it,” she said.

Alberta Norman, a parent of another Hebron Hawks basketball player, said she was surprised when her son told her about Purvis’ arrest.

“Bryant was a good kid,” she said. “He was having a great year. Kids, sometimes they make bad decisions. We’re just sad about it. He had come out of his shell and was really enjoying himself.”

Purvis was a starter for the school’s basketball team, and Norman said the team was hoping to end the year in the finals. There are two more games until the end of the season – Friday and next week.

Norman said Purvis’ ties to the Jena Six case have never been an issue.
Purvis is one six black Jena High School students initially charged with attempted murder in connection with a Dec. 4, 2006, assault on white student Justin Barker at the LaSalle Parish school.

Soon after Purvis’ arrest, Jones said she sent him to live with his uncle, Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jason Hatcher, so he could stay out of trouble and out of the limelight.

Purvis stayed out of the spotlight for most of the year following the high-profile case but appeared on Black Entertainment Television’s Hip-Hop Awards. Purvis and fellow defendant Carwin Jones helped present the Video of the Year award during the show in October.

The Jena Six case has received attention worldwide and led to what many have called the first major civil rights demonstration of the new millennium, on Sept. 20, when at least 20,000 marched through Jena.

“We are just past that whole thing,” Norman said, referring to Purvis’ connection to the Jena Six. “He has great support from his family and teammates. That was never a cloud or anything. He was trying to move on so he could have a good senior year, graduate and go on with his life.”

Anytime there is a physical altercation at the school, police are called and arrests are made, Norman said.

Jones said the principal has told her Purvis will be suspended for three days and will face 10 days of in-school suspension. After that, he will be back in school normally.

As for the charge he faces in court, she said, she is confident the judicial system in Texas will treat her son fairly. “It’s just another struggle that we have to go through.

“I’m very upset right now with this situation. We are really, really going through a lot already with the Jena Six. I wish this had never happened. But it is what it is, and now we have to deal with it.”

She still contends her son had nothing to do with the attack on Barker, although she knows some will assume he’s guilty because of this recent incident at Hebron High.

Carrollton police officials wouldn’t release information about the arrest Wednesday evening, saying information would have to come from the public information officer Thursday morning.

Messages left Wednesday night for Darrell Hickman, Purvis’ attorney, went unreturned. But during a December interview, the Alexandria attorney said he was hopeful LaSalle District Attorney Reed Walters would drop the charges against Purvis.

“I still feel that Bryant is totally innocent in this case,” Hickman said. “Only one person out of a number of witnesses indicated they saw Bryant involved. I don’t think they have a strong case against him at all.”

Purvis is scheduled to go to trial March 24 before LaSalle District Court Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. in connection with the Jena High attack, though Hickman has said that is “not a realistic date.”

Purvis faces one count each of aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit the same. If convicted of both, he faces a maximum sentence of 22.5 years in prison.
So, Mr. Purvis, it appears that things are working out okay for you over there in Carrollton. I need you to understand that the Metroplex (Dallas Fort-Worth Metropolitan Area) is a wonderful place to live, but it is not the cultural Promised Land. They may be happy you are up there to help their little team play basketball, but the good state of Texas will put your ass in JAIL if they feel so inclined.

You are the beneficiary of a very fortunate family relationship, having an NFL player for a family member to give you a soft cushion to land with. That alone will earn you a certain amount of envy and spite, because, hey….that’s how folk are.

BUT YOU? You can’t run around executing revenge on folk. You just can’t. Especially not in a North Texas High School. Large Black Men(even high school students) pounding on other High School Students is SERIOUSLY frowned upon. Our reputations as violent thugs who thrive on savagery proceeds us. It is a new world apparently.

You can shoot someone dead if they steal from a neighbor and run through your yard, but you can’t knock the head of a hater who slashes your tires.

Now, I know what youre thinking.

This ain’t got shit to do with any kind of fair or right. You live under the rule of law, bruh. And the law says that if you bust ass on school property, you WILL catch a case(I am purposefully leaving the nagging similarities to a previous situation unstated).

Control yourself, bruh. People are watching.



  1. Mr. Justice

    I noticed you tip-toed around the issue of the assailed students race…I am going to guess that he was white. The thing that is really making me sick is that no really punishment will ever be passed down upon him and those like him, until he actually kills someone. Which will again prompt more protest and more support for him, regardless of the fact that the victim was truly a victim. How long before he decides that raping and murdering and elderly white lady is justice for slavery or some other ridiculous reason. MLK would be ashamed of every single protester that marched in Jena, they did little more than support the notion that violence upon whites at the hands of blacks is ALWAYS justified and should be encouraged. Yet they don’t want people to treat them as blood-thirsty animals. Can’t have it both ways ya’ll.

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