Sixth Day of Black History Month: Finishing Strong

Well, I didn’t know anything about voting; I didn’t know anything about registering to vote. One night I went to the church. They had a mass meeting. And I went to the church, and they talked about how it was our right, that we could register and vote. They were talking about we could vote out people that we didn’t want in office, we thought that wasn’t right, that we could vote them out. That sounded interesting enough to me that I wanted to try it. I had never heard, until 1962, that black people could register and vote.

She was Forty-Four Years old, folk.


Whatever you got going on in your life…you can still finish strong.

Just ask Fannie Lou Hamer 

Sorry I don’t have more to offer.

As you may know I have another Surgery today and I havent had anything to eat or drink since Midnight.

and the last actual meal I had was Saturday.

I should be Coherent in about 24 hours.

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