Yes, We Can

As a former political insider and long-time cynic, I SHOULD be able to poke holes all through this.   But all I do is get goosebumps.

But It gave me goosebumps when I heard it WITHOUT the stars and cool video edits, and it STILL gives me goosebumps.

He may not win, but NO ONE can say he didn’t run one of the most innovative and inspiring campaigns in American History.

I never thought I would be more excited about Super Tuesday than the Super Bowl, but I am almost giddy with anticipation about it.



  1. jameil

    i’m sooooooooo excited about super tuesday! i can hardly wait to go into work on wednesday to watch two tvs while also surfing the net. i may go in early so i can pop some popcorn and just revel.

  2. Random Whiteboy

    Ok, check it out. First, I dig your blog. You keep doing what you’re doing.

    Now, for the part where I piss folks off. I am a white, mid-30s male living in America. I was raised Democrat then became a conservative independent (I dont trust either party).

    I find myself in a position where I dont like either Republican candidate. I dont like the politics of any of the Democrat candidates (I think they are both reckless socialists – and I think socialism is a bad thing).

    However, Obama is the most LIKEABLE candidate out there. That brother is smooth, smart, funny and generally believable. Plus, a big part of me hopes that if it comes down to Obama vs Hillary, Obama wins. I think she is plain evil. Like the spawn of Satan evil. Like the dude who keys your new car evil.

    I think Obama is just politically misdirected. Anyway, if we are going to have a Democrat president, I can get behind Obama. Plus, I think it would go a long way towards mending fences to show that a country where 75% of voters are white, to elect a black man president. At least it would show the hillbillies that just because he is black doesnt mean he is going to throw spinners on the limo, paint airforce one purple and invite kid and play to the white house for House Party 4 – Black in the White House Again!

    Just make sure there are some dedicated brothers in the secret service detail. There are still some crazy folks out there.

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