Bow in the presence of Greatness

Props to Mizzo and the Good folk at The Starting five for moving out of Blogland and onto the net as a whole.  

As a blogger, I really believe that us amateurs play around on WordPress and Blogger, but the pros got their own .com.  And when I grow up, I, too, will be making the jump.

In the meantimeinbetweentime, I was invited to add my voice to the brilliant Five Questions Post 

I will also be posting my answers here and commanding asking all the rapidly growing list of folk on my blogroll to ponder  and answer these questions as well.

  1. What does Martin Luther King represent for you personally past, present and future?


Dr. King was my first celebrity role model.  He was intelligent, he loved God, and people loved him.  I didn’t really have hopes of being quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, or second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but I could conceptualize being a leader of my people.  As I got older and the myth and legend were broadened to include his flaws, I began to understand the humanity of Dr. King, and he grew in my eyes. As I reach the age Dr. King was when he was killed, I am humbled by the sheer volume of his accomplishments in such a short period of time.


  1. By not speaking out, did Tiger Woods blow an opportunity for America to discuss race more objectively? Is it his responsibility or any athlete for that matter?


We are a long way from the shadows of Jim Crow, the hearts and minds of individuals notwithstanding.  The words and deeds of Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe and the like were a needed because they humanized the movement.  A different era calls for a different tactic.  More importantly, it is a matter of choice and not a universal charge to take upon.  Tiger Woods is a singular individual in a unique circumstance.   I cannot MAKE him be offended.  It borders on hypocrisy for him to act like he is offended when he is not will only complicate this matter needlessly.  To elevate the words of Kelly Tilghman to a level that requires a whole lot of discussion on a macro level is to give Ms. Tilghlman a stature that she doesn’t deserve. It was a callous and insensitive remark made by a rookie broadcaster who was solely interested in being witty.  Tiger’s priorities are clear, and have been since he came on the scene.  He isn’t a hypocrite, that’s for sure.  He does what he does, and he does it better than anyone ever has, or probably will.  For some of us Golfing is a hobby, like blogging.   For some of us, Golfing is a Job, like….blogging.  I barely know enough about blogging to tell someone how to do their job, so what do I look like telling someone about being a golfer. 


  1. How do we persuade our children to firmly understand the need for thorough knowledge of English, math and science?


Knowledge is power.  Not money, not weapons, not strength. 




Our people perish for the lack of knowledge.  Our children only walk the path we lay out for them and set them upon.  We as a people (no, not JUST Black people…we as a PEOPLE) continued to substitute convenience and technology for through knowledge and our children are only fulfilling the sad cultural legacy of anti-intellectualism this country has set out for them.  A nation that willfully enslaves people by withholding knowledge from them sentences itself to a future of ignorance.  Any change in our children must begin with us.  Anything else amounts to hypocrisy.


  1. We all know if there were persons of color in the noose cover shot decision making process, the art wouldn’t have been approved. Please explain passionately why there is a need for progressive Black ownership in journalism.


A man who doesn’t own his own story is a slave to his historian.  No amount of money should be able to separate a man from his story. If my experience online has taught me anything, it has taught me that we are little more than the sum of our RSS feeds, our DVR schedule, or the memory slots in our radio, or our ipod playlists.  If you don’t dig deep into the soup, you won’t get any meat out.


5.      Do you agree with Congress having hearings on steroids while our men and women die in Iraq?


On Thursday, The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation is having a hearing on HDTV.    Congress’ job is to hold hearings, I don’t have an issue with that.  My ISSUE is the fact that it seems to garner so much more attention when celebrities and stars and athletes testify as opposed to people who actually KNOW stuff. 



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