Let’s pour a little out for John Edwards’ Campaign

Let me say that I appreciate John Edwards as much as I can appreciate a man that I trust about as far as I can throw him.

After today, basically the race boils down to  the old soldier vs. the mormon on one side and  the brother vs. the white woman on the other.

The show is basically over on both sides, near as I can tell.  Rudy’s betrothal  to McCain basically salts it away for him unless the Angry Right goes Nancy Kerrigan on McCain and really breaks down the party just to avert a McCain candidacy.

On the other side, with Edwards out of the way, Obama still finds himself down 3 scores with the ball  early in the fourth quarter.  He can still do it, but he is going to need a break.   He is going to need a score tomorrow at the Debate if he wants any hope at all of closing the gap.

If Edwards wants to have an impact, then he needs to make an endorsement, one way or the other, either today or tomorrow.

Waiting more than that won’t matter.

Either way, I doubt that the Clintons will miss him.


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