Wonks vs. Citizens

I live in a divided house.  I am an Obama supporter and Mrs. InkogNegro is a Hillary supporter.

She has benefitted from not being exposed to the back and forth (which is to say, she doesn’t read my blog or have a google reader full of play by play and highlights of the campaign) between the two campaigns.

My wife is a true Hillary believer, one who knows her as her resume reveals her.  When we discuss the campaign, the conversation devolves into a wonk vs. citizen argument which is completely counter productive to me being able to convert her.

Wonks watch (if not run) campaigns and have a clear grasp on where the boundaries are.  Wonks know where political stops and personal starts.  Wonks know the code language and we hear what ISN’T being said better sometimes than what is being said.

My wife is a brilliant and talented school teacher.  Not one of those activist do-it-for-free teachers,  but one of those teachers who talk about killing the kids when at home but would die for the kids between 8 and 4.  She is the dictionary definition of a citizen.

Wonks think citizens have no clue on how the game really works, usually because they are too busy watching bad singing to pay attention.

Citizens think wonks are so busy talking amongst themselves about what the citizens think that they never ask the citizens what they think.  This, of course, is because  wonks act as though the citizens are idiots, but in reality the wonks are the idiots…acting like RUNNING for office is more important than running a business or a classroom.

I realize now why Politics are so screwed up.

More Wonks need to be married to citizens.

I don’t know how the citizens will feel about that, though.


One comment

  1. threio

    We are discovering more and more everyday! Were at the point of throwing all the wonks and their blackberries out in the street! 🙂

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