And now…the longest 14 days in Sports

There is no longer period in the world than the fortnight that stands between the end of the NFL Conference championship games and the kickoff of the Super Bowl.  In what has to be some sort of karmic cycle we recieve some kind of inverted Red Sox/Yankees matchup with the Patriots playing the part of the Yankees evil empire and the Giants playing the part of the proud underdog who carry the hopes of a nation that pleads to be saved from an off season of crowing from the land of white chowder.

But for ME…it’s a bit personal.

I am the ex-husband of a Giants fan and my appreciation has thus far extended beyond the marriage itself.

The current Mrs. Ink is a NY native as well who has an intermittent soft spot for  the Giants.

The fact that I spent 11 yrs in the DC area rooting against the Redskins and am finishing up 3 years in Fort Worth rooting against the Cowboys hasn’t hurt my affinity for the G-Men.

So, in recognition of the 2007 NFC Champs, a few props.

Once upon a time,  Plaxico Burress was the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the official NFL team of the Inkognegro world.   He had good days and bad days with the Steelers, ultimately running afoul of the dominant portion of Steeler Nation, the part that treats Steeler football less like an enjoyable part of their life and more like a religious obsession.  Toss in the usual amount of cultural incompatibility and a few poorly timed dropped balls and you have the usual irrational hate.   After losing a home game to the Evil Empire in the 05 AFCCG, Plax went and got his $ from the NY Giants.   As a dedicated fan who knew that Burress would be a better pick than Chad Pennington for the Steelers, I have always appreciated his skills.

Today, Plex did the thing, bum ankle and all.  I hope Eli appreciates him.   He has saved Eli again and again.

Manning, Rivers, Rothlisberger.  These three, much like the class of 84 and the Class of 99, will be linked together forever.  Way back when Manning orchestrated his landing in NY, I was positive that Ben was the best of the three, followed by Rivers and THEN Eli.  Between his pedigree and the way he bullied his way into NY, I freely admit that I was amused by whatever struggles he had and I was always standing by, shovel in hand, waiting to smooth out the dirt over his football playing grave.  After tonight?  He gets a lifetime pass.

Still not better than Ben.  But his pass from me has been stamped.

I will not say a bad word about the long term prospects of Eli Manning ever again.

and Now….we wait.


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