The double Edge sword that is The Wire

Last night’s episode of the Wire apparently didn’t feature nearly enough genocide for some folk.

While I will admit that some of the newspaper business can be a bit preachy and nostalgic, the truth is probably even more preachy and makes you pine even more for the past, only with more people of color.

What disturbs me, though, is how these esteemed TV reviewers are mentally fast-forwarding through the back story and carnage of the regular joes while focusing on the gangsterlicious histrionics.

Makes you wonder how much people are really LEARNING from The Wire’s version of “reality television”

The conversation between Michael, Chris and Snoop is a seminal moment in television which flows seamlessly into Michael reaching a critical turning point in his rise (descent?) in the game.

But David Plotz wants to focus on Avon Barksdale and his W?


But I do agree that we need more Clay Davis.

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