I wash my hands of this entire mess. I am Done.

Do not shit on me and tell me you brought me chocolate.

When you trotted out Billy Shaheen I was amused.

When you had Mark Penn bust the ill subliminal I was annoyed.

When you took the feed from Magic Johnson I was amused, but slightly irritated.

When you dusted off Bob Kerrey I was genuinely disturbed.

When Bill Clinton got his Auntie Anne on with Obama’s war record, I was insulted.

When you kinda sorta choked back tears (or not) I…was pretty indifferent.  Even though you seemed to stop sniffling to act like the country would implode if someone other than you took the walk down Pennsylvania Avenue for the Oath of Office on 1/20/09

When you won New Hampshire, I charged it to the game and hoped we could now get on  to a good substantive campaign.

But then Hillary “found her voice”…

and she used it turn this campaign into a farce.

a. Farce.

Don’t believe me?

Then explain the appearance of ROBERT JOHNSON at a WOMEN’S COLLEGE to introduce Hillary Clinton where he SHAMELESSLY re-invokes all manner of coded racial symbolism.

The irony.

The audacity.

The mufuggin nerve.


I’m done.

And you mothafuggas runnnin around talking about I am imagining shit?

Fuck that.

I am finished.

I will not cast a vote for any Clinton for ANY office.  I don’t give a fuck WHO the GOP nominee is.

Huckabee?  I’d vote for him over Hillary…in a second.

McCain?  I would ponder it…

Anyone else…I will vote for some other stuff and write in Barack Obama.

I got through 8 years of Bush and I am actually better off, no thanks to HIM.

I took this personally, because you made it personal

So, to all you Clinton supporters and desperate Lefties who wanna win SOOOO bad that you turn a blind eye to this foolishness in the name of winning the White House I say this.

For your sake, I hope it was worth it.

Because I am pretty sure you will wish we didn’t know the truth about you when you see what happens next.


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