Bob Johnson does it Big.

I hope Billy Shaheen and Mark Penn were taking notes…cause THIS, boys and girls…is how it’s done.

So, just to recap, for those of you aren’t quite sure what you just saw:

Robert Johnson, Billionaire owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and founder of that repository of positive female imaging, BET, made an appearance at Columbia College, a women’s school in South Carolina and talked about how insulted he is by the way Barack Obama’s campaign has shamelessly played the race card.  He also asserted that Bill and Hillary have worked tirelessly for Black folk and would NEVER say anything negative about Dr. King or his legacy, while Barack Obama was in the Neighborhood doing….whatever his book said he was doing (*wink*)

So THIS is how she’s gonna campaign in South Carolina?

My first instinct is to say we have reached rock bottom…but somehow I think the floor is still rushing up at us.

God Help us all.


One comment

  1. sharon2172

    As the purveyor of all that’s holy when it comes to the “positive” images that “define” blackness to the mainstream, of course Bob’s opinion of who has the best interest of black folks at heart is THE OPINION that matters to me and the only one that should matter to us all!

    That said, I’ma go get my grill shined now…..

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