Fall Back, Family

This is all really happening too fast. When you strike out with opinions instantaneously in an effort to keep up with the lightning fast news cycle without doing your due diligence, mistakes get made. I am actually old enough to remember the Bradley Effect. Granted, I was only 12 when it happened, but I remember it and I remember the mindset that spawned it. A quick perusal of my Google reader had people calling for the Bradley Effect before the night had even ended, without even parsing the data.

Yes, I have an opinion on it. But I insist on doing some more homework before I vocalize it.

I would advise you folk to do the same. Your passion is evident but your due diligence is sorely lacking.

Ima need the feminists and the angry Black Masses to step back for JUST a second before you embarrass yourselves any further and someone’s feelings get hurt.

Take the weekend off, go see the Bucket List and watch the playoff games. Do some other stuff.

Sensitive Thugs, y’all all need hugs.


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