Ignoring tradition and Deleting the evidence

It is almost as if Urban Radio doesn’t want you to know EXACTLY how bad they have gotten. Why come, with FIVE different urban radio stations here in the DFW area, why can’t I get at least ONE 2007 countdown?

Sure, I hated 80% of the songs, but at least remind us just how lame you were last year. Where is the tradition? Are you that enslaved to your national payola influenced Playlists?

More on this story as it develops



  1. DJ Diva

    so this is where you been hiding!!!

    Congrats to you and Teach Diva…Married life is wonderful aint it? Scribe is home so give him a call today…talk to yall soon!

  2. tws392000

    And now I am an old fogy, pining for the days when there were countdowns (and not just the BET Notarized Video countdown) that I just couldn’t make myself watch.

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