Bill Clinton isn’t aware of the Clinton campaign’s quest to play nice with Obama

Bill Clinton got on Charlie Rose and showed his ass. Hard

In a surprisingly frank interview with Charlie Rose
on his PBS show late Friday night, former President Bill Clinton
declared that his wife was not only far better prepared to be president
than her chief rival Sen. Barack Obama — “it’s not even close” — but
that voters who disagreed would be choosing to “roll the dice” if they
picked the latter.
Repeatedly dismissive of Obama — at times with
language that could come back to haunt the Clinton campaign — the
former president at one point said that voters were, of course, free to
pick someone with little experience, even, he said, “a television
commentator” who would have just “one year less” experience in national
office than Obama. He had earlier pointed out that Obama had started to
run for president just one year into his first term in the U.S. Senate.Clinton also said, surprisingly, with a laugh, “It
would be a miracle if Hillary wins in Iowa, and I’m not just
low-balling you.” He said John Edwards might well win — which would
certainly be preferable, from the Clintons’ perspective, to an Obama

I have been an intermittent fan of HarlemWorld Willie. I went from being a semi-vocal supporter of Paul Tsongas to drinking the Bill Clinton Kool-aid. This was largely as a result of a brief encounter. Ahh, the magic of a handshake.

But let us understand something. Bill Clinton may have been the best president of my lifetime, but his judgment has always left a bit to be desired.

I mean, really now. It could be said that Hail to the Big Chief Macanudo might have practiced quality judgment above the desk, but below the desk, his judgment may have been a bit…shall we say…oh heck, let’s just say it sucked.

And besides, Bill is MARRIED to Hillary, so are we to believe he is going to be impartial on the issue?

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One comment

  1. jonzee

    Well, you know, Hilary is a strong minded woman and I am sure Bill has no desire to return to the Dog house (for all I know this might be his way out of Chez Chien)–so in a way it is not a surprise he would vehemently support his Wifey in this manner.

    On a tangent–just waiting to see how long its going to take you to write the next one.

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