One man’s Serial Killer is another man’s Troubled Child

Troubled Past Seen for Omaha Shooter – New York Times

Police began to paint a picture today of the troubled 19-year old
shooter, Robert A. Hawkins, who had previous run-ins with the law, but
had not been associated with violence. They do not know yet why he
chose the Westroads Mall on Omaha’s west side to carry out his brutal
final act before taking his own life, or what demons he was battling
when he wrote in a note to friends, in a haunting foreshadowing of what
he was about to do: “Now I’ll be famous.”

So, That’s how it plays out?

A 19 year old rolls up into the mall and catches nine bodies (plus his own) on some ole “Now I’ll be famous” type bit and he’s…troubled?

Well, excuse me.

Where is the wrath?

The vengeance?

Can I get some righteous indignation up in this bitch???

How you gonna go around Poppin random Department store employees in America’s heartland…over a job a Mickey D’s and a failed teenage relationship, no less and not feel the wrath of the conventional wisdom?

I tune into the Morning shows looking for thinly veiled outrage and I get…not so much sympathy but compassionate befuddlement?


Man, fuck that.

I want some Outrage and wrath dammit.

I want blame placed on what he listens to on his Ipod or plays on his Xbox.

I want blame placed on his parents…on his culture..cause you know teenage white kids are GOOD for bussin off shots arbitrarily cause they aren’t getting their daily quota of Hugs.

All this random compassionate “WHY” throwing is coming off MAD suspicious, to me.

Racism is gone, so it can’t be that. Someone wanna splain this foolishness?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Uh huh. Your silence Speaks volumes.

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One comment

  1. jonzee

    Um…all I got is that the outrage is gone because it keeps happening. It’s like hearing someone you know tell you about the death of someone you don’t know “I’m so sorry to hear…what a shame.”

    Perhaps, the compassionate befuddlement comes from the fact that it would be too heartless to simply greet it with apathy…even in this “Me and Mine and lots of the time just Me.” environment.

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