Dog. Seriously, Dog. I feel you.

Just what part of the game is it when a white man can’t say Nigger on his own phone?

Is that really how the game is now?

Cause I’ma let you know… I talks BAAAAAAD about YT on my phone. Turrrrible things.

“I don’t want no stringy haired white bitches comin round my house lookin for my sons.”

I haven’t said that yet. But that may be because my sons are still young. Give me time. I am sure I will say it. It isn’t because I hate white people. It is because that’s just how I feel.

Am I a racist?


I am a bigot.

And I am ok with that.

And I am ok with Dog the Bounty Hunter being a Bigot.

I am a bit bemused that he would fire his son, just so he could say Nigger in his place of business without the girl finding out, but hey, I got bigger fish to fry than that.

Recent events have shown that Dog had GOOD reason to be afraid.It ain’t right family. Sure, we are all amused now, because Dog is going to have to go back to grabbing bounty jumpers in relative obscurity.

One more ugly white man’s career down the tubes, if only for six months (Welcome Back, Imus) but what have we REALLY gained?

Nooses still hang. The achievement gap yawns. Pregnant women get to kiss the pavement.

Unless its YOUR boyfriend’s famous father who’s talking about Fuckin nigger scum of the earth without a soul, This doesn’t affect you at all…now does it.

Let Dog have his little show. Did you even watch it?

More importantly, knowing what you know now, would you STILL watch it?

and if you DO, then what does that say about you?

yes, boys and girls, yes. THESE are the questions that need to be asked, going forward.

It is time to let the bigots out of the closet. If it is not legal to discriminate, it should be at least allowable to drop N-bombs in the privacy his own home.

Let the virtue and tolerance of the marketplace determine if the Dog can have his day.

Unless, you don’t think the marketplace is all that tolerant or virtuous.

Punks. That is exactly what I was thinking.

Ya Scared. Scared we gonna find out.

Mad that I can do it…and you can’t.


Now you know how OJ felt when he saw Phil Spector go home to relative obscurity.

*walks away with a slow evil smile.*



  1. badznicca

    I feel what you saying although I can say that I DO hate white people and particularly white women as I believe they are inheriently evil creatures. I can say this as this is my experience with them – the media portrays them as innoscent angels – missing white woman syndrome. Most all of them disappeared for a reason that had nothing to do wit being no angel – we all know that. They seem to do all they can to tempt, tease and lure us away from our Sistas with their sexuality, put themselves in harms way again and again and when they get what they deserve, they ALL over the news. Whenever I hear of one of these white beasts disappearing, I don’t care what age it is, I just smile to myself and hope that some Brothers and Sistas had a good time with it. That the only reason they are on this earth as far as I can tell and as wicked as they are, they deserve to be victimized as severe as they have victimized us. Target, isolate then tear into it hard Y’all. Z

  2. Mexicaphilia

    I’m just reading over some of your past posts, and I feel sad about the last comment. I know it’s old, but It hurts my heart when I see racism from any group of people directed at another group of people. It hurts my heart, because it’s something that I work to try to counteract this vicious cycle every day of my life.

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